Staying active

Recreation & Sports

The recreation program at Boise Girls Academy consists of both on- and off-campus activities. We provide an athletic outlet to our students, through which they can learn, practice and enhance athletic skills. We have a gym, pickle ball, and basketball court on our campus, as well as aerobics classes taught by instructors. A variety of sports are played casually to emphasize teamwork and fun, and we also compete with other local schools in a volleyball league. Building relationships through shared activities also serves as a foundation of support, honesty and trust for new students.

Our campus is within easy driving distance of numerous attractions and parks. We believe having fun doing healthy activities is an important part of healing, and we are perfectly situated for almost all types of recreation. 

Daily Activities

Our students enjoy numerous activities that are specially designed for growth. These include community service, daily chores, educational classes, and guest speakers. Most of these activities are chosen specifically for their ability to teach independence, life skills, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving. Many of these activities are also designed to achieve healthy objectives.

Through various exercises, students will learn to work together by planning and executing projects, games, initiatives and activities. Evenings are filled with activities and events designed to help students develop relationships and exercise their skills and emotional growth. Your daughter’s schedule will be made up of in-house schooling, personal and house chores, physical fitness activities, service and work projects, educational field trips, and recreational activities.

Life Skills TRaining

When a student comes to Boise Girls Academy, we understand that she may be lacking in certain life skills. Our caring staff provides adequate training and assistance which allows our students to flourish and feel confident in these basic life skills, such as helping care for our campus’s variety of animals and the planning, preparation, and clean-up of meals on a rotational basis.


Service is an integral part of learning at Boise Girls Academy. Each week, students work together in groups on ongoing projects. Some of these projects include on-campus beautification, fund-raisers, and helping out at a local community organization or mercy ministry.

Spending time in God’s presence

Quiet Reflection

At Boise Girls Academy, we believe it is important to give our students an opportunity to digest their day and re-evaluate it, contemplate their future, and dream of life’s possibilities. Even though our schedule is full, we take time every day for quiet reflection.

What Does a Normal Day Look Like at Boise Girls Academy?

Spiritual Mentorship

In addition to the mentorship and coaching that takes place throughout the course of a day, our students also participate in structured group sessions 5 days each week. Our students take part in group and personal Bible studies, character-building studies, and personal reflection times. We expect students to participate in all program activities. This includes chapel service, off-campus worship and other church-related activities (youth conventions, Christian concerts, etc.).


We serve three meals a day, eaten home-style with our staff. Our meals are well-balanced and provide our students with proper nutrition. 


Chores and other work responsibilities are part of the daily schedule. Students are also required to keep their living spaces in order – beds made and closets kept neat and tidy. Through these responsibilities, our students contribute to a clean living environment. Students who may not have experience in certain chores will receive guidance and training as overseen by our direct-care staff.


The schedule is more relaxed on weekends. Students wake up later and have more free time and time for program-scheduled extracurriculars. We also attend church on Sundays. Outdoor activities include gardening, playing Frisbee,  basketball, softball, and volleyball. Indoor activities include music lessons, playing board games, crafts, and art. During free time, our direct-care staff remain nearby.