Frequently Asked Questions

How long do students stay at BGA?

We are a 15 month program but the average stay for students at BGA is closer to 18 months. Changes of heart take time, and they require commitment on the part of the parents to stick with the program, no matter how difficult it is to be away from the child.

How Many girls does bga enroll at one time?

BGA has a maximum capacity of 32 students at the present time.

What does the counseling look like at BGA?

Each student meets on a regular basis with a BGA staff member to discuss her current struggles and challenges. In addition, students are involved in group meetings each week. Much of our counseling occurs daily with our amazing Christian women who love God and want to model Christ-like living in everything we do.

What role do parents play in their child’s stay at BGA?

Parents play a vital role. Parents attend Parent Weekends held every other month. Parents are encouraged to participate in a 15-minute phone call every week with their child and also communicate with staff and counselors on a regular basis for updates on their child’s progress. Every connection with parents and family is orchestrated to ensure progress in the student’s way of thinking and acting.

How soon may I visit my daughter?

On-campus visits, called Parent Weekends, begin after four full months.  They are one weekend every other month, Friday evening to Saturday evening. The Parent Weekend is also a time for parents to receive instruction from our staff. A home visit or two is highly recommended as the student is getting close to completing the program.

Do the residents attend public school, or do you offer schooling at BGA?

Students enrolled in BGA are dually enrolled in Lighthouse Christian Academy.  Simply put, dual enrollment allows our students to be fully enrolled in our school while simultaneously taking classes through LCA and who are accredited through AdvancED.

How much school work will she do?

Boise Girls Academy provides an accredited Christian home-school curriculum. We supplement that with our own teachers and provide tutoring as needed. We help students catch up where they have fallen behind or missed credits and often they are able to make up one or more grade levels by their completion date. For the majority of students who enroll at Boise Girls Academy, schoolwork has taken a back seat to the other issues in their lives. They typically must make some healthy progress before academics will become a priority to them. Once their thinking begins to clear up, however, we typically see dramatic improvements in their motivation, followed by marked changes in their grades and their level of success.

Is physical activity a requirement?

Yes! We want to see teens break away from passive entertainment and sedentary habits. Just like healthy nutritional choices, daily exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy body and a healthy person. Students are required to participate daily in physical activity.

What types of activities does BGA have for the residents?

BGA believes in the seriousness of dealing with issues and challenges. At the same time, we believe that fun and recreational activities must also be provided. BGA’s activities include swimming, disk golf, volleyball, hiking, aerobics, as well as many indoor activities. We work very hard on issues and problems…but we also have time for fun.

is bga affiliated with any particular church?

BGA is a non-denominational Christian ministry. We use a relational counseling model that brings the message of Jesus Christ to the lives of students in a non-threatening way.

How do you handle doctor or dentist appointments and medicines?

The residential staff arranges for doctor visits and transports students wherever they may need to go. The staff also distributes medicines according to prescription schedules and keeps an eye on the health of each student, caring for them in times of illness and ensuring they get medical attention if needed. We communicate with parents regularly if there is a medical issue. 

What happens after Boise Girls Academy ends?

Near the end of your daughter’s stay, we work with the family to start the process of reintegration back into family life. We also provide a 3-5 month aftercare plan to support the family and the student through the first initial months after returning home. 

What is your success rate?

Boise Girls Academy is a ministry of Adult & Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest. University studies and national surveys concluded that the Teen Challenge success rate for the last 30 years has been 86% for residents who graduate. For those students taken out early, the failure rate is just as high. In other words, nearly 9 out of 10 residents who graduate BGA have a lifelong change in behavior toward more positive thinking and motivations.

Can my teen run away?

We are a low security facility.  Our staff keep a careful watch for runaway potential, especially during the initial, introductory time period for a new resident. 

What about birthdays?

Appropriate birthday gifts are welcomed and encouraged. We will celebrate her day with her and have cake and special foods. You are welcome to send balloons, flowers, or a different dessert or food options.

How can I contact my daughter in case of emergencies?

Upon enrollment, we will provide you with a list of appropriate contact information so that you can easily and quickly contact us in case of an urgent situation. 

Will Boise Girls Academy help me regain my lost daughter?

As with any type of ministry, there are no guarantees when working with teenagers. Parents need to realize that their daughter has a free will, and that our program is not a cure-all. However, your daughter can choose to engage whole-heartedly. If she does so, the change in her will be evident.

What does she need to bring?

Upon acceptance, a list will of basic necessities will be provided.

What does a child’s stay at BGA cost?

You can view information regarding tuition by visiting our admissions page.

Are any scholarships and/or financial assistance programs available?

Caring for an at-risk teenager 24/7 and providing an education and housing is a costly venture. Our tuition is about one third the cost of the national average for boarding school programs, so in essence we provide scholarships to every resident. Other scholarships may be available from time to time. Please contact our office to discuss potential assistance.

Must I enroll my daughter on a specific date?

No, enrollment is year-round.

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