who we are

Our Program

Boise Girls Academy is a Christian boarding school uniquely equipped to help struggling teen girls who are spiraling out of control. We are a 15-month residential Christian boarding school with a unique approach. Because we have a small student base, we have a more hands-on, relational approach. We also have behind us the strength of Teen Challenge, with more than 50 years of history helping people with risky behaviors find freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Changing Motivations from Within Through a Relationship with Jesus Christ

Each student is involved in purposeful activities and receives support through individual and group sessions with her assigned staff mentor. Our staff understands that the significance we all seek can be found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who desires to fill those empty places of our hearts and give us meaning, direction, and purpose.

We believe that every interaction with teenagers in our care is a mentoring opportunity that can help them change their behaviors and motivations from the inside out. Our program seeks to identify why inappropriate behaviors are occurring. Through discipleship curriculum and ongoing licensed counseling, students are able to discover their incorrect assumptions and replace them with a relationship with God.

Our Philosophy

Boise Girls Academy offers a safe and encouraging living environment designed to bring about a change in a teenager’s thinking and actions. Our philosophy entails a relational counseling approach.

Program Length

Boise Girls Academy is a Christian boarding school with a 15-month program. Some students need an additional month or several, due to their stubbornness, anger, and refusal to change at the beginning of her program. We are looking for and focusing on outcomes: changes of heart, mind, and behavior instead of a date on the calendar. While each girl is unique in her specific needs and her response to the program, we find that there is a typical progression of attitudes as girls begin to experience change.

Family Involvement

Boise Girls Academy is a program for the whole family. Participation in scheduled Parent Weekends and support for the mentoring aspects of the program strongly determine the student’s success when they return home. Parents are welcome to email and/or call us and will receive regular updates. Keeping families informed and involved in the process is a priority.

What we Do

Working for Transformation in the Life of Each Student

The following are some of the signs that mark the transformation that we desire to see in our students’ lives:


Reconciliation with God & Family


Acknowledgement of past wrongs


True Confidence in the unique individual god has created


Academic improvement


excels in gifts and talents once again


becomes a positive influence on others


Speaks the truth


Submission to authority


Begins to have vision for the future


A joyful and peaceful disposition

A Focus on Healing and Healthy Behavior

Each student is specially assigned to an on-site Staff. The counselor is the point of contact for the family, available to answer questions and give updates on the student’s progress. The counselors also guide weekly group counseling sessions, during which girls wrestle with issues that are common to many of them. Within this safe environment of acceptance and respect, students learn to express their thoughts, ideas, and questions in a constructive manner.

Our staff facilitates this special time of sharing, This special time of sharing is staff directed and is designed to foster unity and relational growth among girls in the dorm. Commonly discussed topics may include: Positive Peer Influence, Accountability, Personal Responsibility, Peer Reconciliation, and Conflict Resolution.