Length of Stay / Our Dynamic

What is the Length of Stay at Boise Girls Academy?

Boise Girls Academy is a Christian boarding school with a 15-month program. Most students take an additional month or several, due to their stubbornness, anger, and refusal to change at the beginning of her program. We focus on heart, mind, and behavior change instead of a date on the calendar. While each girl is unique in her specific needs and her response to the program, we find that there is a typical progression of attitudes as girls begin to experience change.

Early Intervention Spares Teens from Full-Blown Consequences

When a student comes to Boise Girls Academy, it is typical for there to be blame-shifting, avoidance of responsibility, and sometimes complete denial of wrong doing. Soon after enrollment the student begins to experience some regret for the consequences of her prior behavior. Essentially, she is “sorry” for being caught in her behavior. She has yet to experience a turning away from her old sinful desires and poor past choices. This may be similar to the ups and downs that parents have experienced at home – promises to change and periods of peace that cycle back to crisis.

Many times, teens have been spared the heartache of the full-blown consequences for their negative decisions. This is because at this age they are only beginning to experiment with behaviors that may later in life render them completely hopeless and unfulfilled in every area of their life; emotionally, academically, physically, and spiritually. In some cases teens have been protected from the full consequences of their decisions. For these reasons, teens are not always entirely certain of the need for change in their lives. However, the parent is convinced of the need for a life-changing intervention. At Boise Girls Academy, we consider ourselves an early intervention program, intervening in an adolescent’s life before she becomes an adult trapped in a dysfunctional lifestyle.

Students Encouraging One Another Toward Healthy Choices

The positive peer culture that we cultivate contributes strongly to the strength of our dynamic here at BGA. Students encourage one another toward positive actions, holding them accountable for their decisions while we teach them to be responsible for their own. In this way, students experience the uplifting influence of other students, in direct contrast with the negative peer pressure that many of them experienced previously. As a student comes into our program and demonstrates obedience, she begins to recognize and reap the benefits that come with obedience.

Safe Haven for Adolescents

Safe Haven boarding school for Adolescents

As part of the ministry of Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest, BGA provides a safe haven for adolescents who have sought to fill the void in their hearts, only to reap destructive consequences in its place. Our 15-month boarding school program provides an opportunity for each student to refocus and assess her life decisions and allows her the opportunity to choose the abundant life Christ has to offer. In the process, the student is taught indispensable lessons of strong work ethics, team work, patience, diligence, determination, communication, submission and motivation.

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