Welcome to Boise Girls Academy

Boise Girls Academy is a boarding school for girls ages 13-17 with risky behaviors. We are the adolescent girls program of Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest, with all of the resources, training and remarkable history of success that Teen Challenge has enjoyed over the past 50 years.

We are a structured program that emphasizes personal responsibility and character development. We want to help your daughter live a life free from depression, rebellion, defiant behavior, low self esteem, promiscuity and the temptation to turn to drugs and alcohol. We focus on applying truths from God’s word to overcome these risky behaviors. We believe your daughter can experience freedom, hope, and life change through a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our 6,000 square foot facility houses the dining room, kitchen, student dorm, student restroom, classroom, rec room, prayer room, counseling offices, staff apartments, and administrative offices. Our campus also features a deck, running track, volleyball court, and garden.

Does Your Teenage Girl Need Help?

When teenage girls start spinning out of control, they usually exhibit many different signs which parents need to watch for. Unfortunately, many parents often write off these signs as normal adolescent behavior. As a result, they may not realize that their daughter is into drugs or other risky behavior until it is too late. So, how can you as a parent know for sure whether or not your daughter is in danger? Do you need our boarding school for your girl?

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Please contact us at (208) 546-0832 for further information.

Working for Transformation in the Life of Each Student

The following are some of the signs that mark the transformation that we desire to see in our students’ lives:

  • Reconciliation with God
  • Reconciliation with family
  • Acknowledges past wrongs and accepts responsibility and seeks forgiveness
  • True confidence in the unique individual God has created
  • Academic improvement
  • Excels in gifts and talents once again
  • Becomes a positive influence on others
  • Speaks the truth and makes the truth known
  • Submission to authority
  • Begins to have vision for the future
  • A joyful and peaceful disposition